Universal Heated Steering Wheel Cover

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💚 Warm Hands, Warm Heart: Yale researchers say "Holding warm things may make you more generous, and likely to view others more favourably".

💚 Studies show keeping hands warm improves circulation round the body by dilating the blood vessels, in turn helps prevent numbness, tingling and frostbite!


Is your frozen steering wheel making your hands NUMB?

Hate getting into the car in the morning and driving to work with a cold steering wheel?

Warm your hands, body and heart with the Universal heated steering wheel cover!

Features :

🔥 Happy Hands: The Heated Cover provides a comfortably warm temperature during the freezing winter.
🔥 Universal Fitment: 14.5-15.5 Inches(35-38cm) The adaptable circumference suits most car steering wheels
🔥 Perfect Gift for Frequent Drivers: Make your friends & families hands happy by gifting them a heated glove for their steering wheel. Ideal for constant travellers, Elderly, Taxi drivers, truck/HGV Drivers, Uber drivers, Car Poolers or your other half who suffers from cold hands.
🔥 Feel The Heat in Seconds:  Link the heated wheel cover to the cigar lighter before you drive, and within 20 seconds feel your wheel warm up. We recommend 2 minutes to fully warm up.
🔥 Environmentally Friendly: No UV/IR Radiation and no heat radiation.
🔥 Soft Feel and Durable: Ultra Lightweight and even heat dispersion. Durable, flexible and soft premium material.
🔥 Easy to install & Easy to Clean

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