60 Seconds Perfect Salad/Fruit Cutters

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  • Fast & Easy: Making fresh and healthy salad is no longer a chore. Rinse, chop and serve almost any salad in seconds with our ungraded 60s Salad Maker.
  • Much Easier for Use: Two Rotation Wings added to both sides enable you to rotate the top easily. Only takes 1 finger to rotate the top while the other hand holds the bottom base.
  • Keep Your Counters Clean & Dry: We add a small "Sink" which Free from juice spilling out the slide and onto the counter.
  • Unique Wave-wheel Design: Compared with “flat” design of the top bowl, our "pulsator Design" makes you more easily and quickly rotate the top bowl.
  • Healthy: HDPE+PP Food Grade Material BPA Free, don’t need to worry that it will endanger your health.

How to Use:

  1. Put the ingredients into the bowl and wash to clean, make sure the ingredients are no more than 3/4 of the bowl
  2. Close the bowl and make sure the upper cover fix well with the base
  3. cut the ingredients in the card slot into small pieces to make a salad
  4. Rotate 90 degrees of the upper cover and fix again with the base
  5. Cut the ingredients again in the card slot to make them smaller
  6. Done the making.Enjoy your delicious salad!

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