Beautifying Temporary Hair Dye Comb

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Dying your hair shouldn't be a daunting task! Now you can try out those hair colors you've always wanted and even experiment with new ones!

Our Beautifying Dye Combs are easy to color, easy to clean, and are non-toxic. Will wash out with water. Our special hand-held design helps to keep the dye in your hair and not on your clothes and hands. The uniform depth and three-dimensional coloring reduces damage to the hair, and protects in the hair dyeing process because YOU deserve beautiful hair!

How to Use:
  • Your hair should be damp (not dripping wet)
  • Apply the hair chalk by running an applicator through your hair like a comb, repeating until you have the desired amount of color on the desired portion of your hair
  • After you finish, dry your hair with a hairdryer
  • Applying hairspray will help the color last longer
  • To remove, just shampoo your hair as usual
Tips: Spray dry shampoo on the ends of your hair before applying the chalk. Or use a white chalk first, then add color over the top.

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