Protective & Waterproof Gardening Gloves

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Make yard work fun again and hassle free with these fantastic garden gloves. The benefits of a glove with the usefulness of garden tools! The built in gardening claws make digging, planting, raking, fast and easy. It's the one step solution to handle a variety of gardening tasks. 

Durable non-slip construction protects hands while preventing broken fingernails and sore fingertips, and the puncture resistant design shields against the sharp thorny greenery. Garden gloves rinse clean and don't hold dirt was leaving your hands dry clean and protected. Four claws made with durable ABS plastic. Claws that let you dig and plant without hand tools; one size Fits most women, men, and kids.

  • Protect Fingernails claws on right hand for digging no shovel needed
  • Gripping Feature gloves are made of non-slip rubber for handling & holding
  • Mesh Backing to keep hands cooler while working on your lawn and garden
  • Easy Cleaning just rinse off while watering you flowers after planting

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