Finger Strengthener Trainer

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This finger trainer is designed for all instrumentalists, no matter the beginners or the professionals. It has an exquisite design, small-sized and simple. 5 buttons make your all fingers get the effective and useful training. It is great to strengthen the power of your fingers. 

  • Your fingers will be more nimble while playing musical instruments. 
  • Light weight and compact design, it is easy and convenient to operate. 
  • You can carry it with you that you could use it anywhere and anytime. 
  • It increases your fingers speed and strengthens their independence. 
  • This finger trainer is your must-buy one.


  • Designed for all instrumentalists, from beginners to professionals. Use for warm up before playing and to strengthen and stretch the fingers.
  • Neat and complete line, trapezoid shape, strength, and power is contained.
  • Wide tension range with durable spring and b structure.


  • Tension range: 3Lb-8.5Lb
  • Button: 5
  • Can lock max 2 buttons simultaneously
  • Net weight: 3.8oz/108g


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