Easy Lifter - Easily Lift and Move Heavy Objects

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The Easy Lifter is the new, revolutionary tool that assists you in lifting and moving heavy objects anywhere you want, easily, quickly and safely with forearm listing straps! 

Easy Lifter straps are ergonomically designed to encourage proper lifting techniques which make the item you are moving seem 50% lighter! The Easy Lifter straps are easy to use, just x-cross the straps underneath the object to ensure it doesn't slip out of the lift. This technique stabilizes furniture which reduces chances of flipping or colliding with walls and door jams, reducing costly property damage. 

Use these straps to carry all kinds of items big and small- mattresses, flat screen TVs, armories, appliances, pianos, office furniture and more!

Easy Lifter moving straps are made of heavy duty, webbed nylon with padded cuffs, and are small enough to store in a toolbox or on a shelf. 

The moving straps are OSHA accepted to reduce potential injuries due to heavy and repetitive stress lifting.

Great for professionals and homeowners!

Each strap adjusts up to approx. 9 ft. long for large items and down to approx. 4 ft. for small items.

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